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Elcometer 122 Testex® Replica Tape

The Elcometer 122 Testex® Replica Tape is designed to provide a permanent mould of the surface profile, which can then be measured using a thickness gauge. ( 50 tests in each Replica Tape roll)
R990,00 excl VAT
excluding shipping

Elcometer ISO 2409 Adhesive Tape 1 Roll - 60m

Elcometer Adhesive Tape ISO 2409
R570,00 excl VAT
excluding shipping

Protimeter TimberMaster® BLD5609

A rugged and simple-to-use meter specifically designed for the timber industry.
R7 300,00 excl VAT
excluding shipping

Protimeter Aquant® Moisture Meter

For rapid moisture level detection and monitoring in solid materials like Wood, Drywall, Building Materials, Concrete & Fiberglass Boat Hulls
R7 800,00 excl VAT
excluding shipping

Protimeter Digital Mini® Moisture Meter BLD5702

Tough, accurate, easy-to-use. Introducing our portable and precise pin type moisture meter featuring both color LED indication and a large digital display. For use in Wood, Drywall & Building Materials.
R5 400,00 excl VAT
excluding shipping

Leica DISTO™ D510 Laser Distance Meter

The Leica Disto D510 Laser Distance Meter for easy and effortless outdoor distance measurement up tp 200m
R12 500,00 excl VAT
excluding shipping

Elcometer 119 Pipe Pit Gauge

The Elcometer 119 Pipe Pit Gauge is a small pocket-sized gauge designed to identify the condition of a pipe. The gauge is placed horizontally on the surface of the pipe and the stylus is positioned into the base of the corrosion pit. The gauge shows the pit depth compared with the actual pipe wall thickness. It is essential importance to pipe coaters, enabling them to make a quick assessment of the condition of pipework. Imperial units only.
R2 100,00 excl VAT
excluding shipping